New Travel Inspirations and Zero-Worry Travel

06 April 2023



The pandemic has greatly disrupted our travel habits and priorities, and while travel demand has soared again, our travel patterns are no longer the same. Simultaneously, travel inspiration is emerging out of new channels, and brands are competing to provide the most worry-free travel experiences — from booking to emergency plans, to attracting travelers with guaranteed peace of mind.

In 2021, IPG Media Lab first examined consumer trends in the travel sector, with a focus on the rise of purposeful travel. This includes the emergence of workcations, community-based travel, and eco-conscious travelers. All these trends are still developing and influence the decision-making process of many travelers. For example:

  • The new Four Seasons Hotel Nashville has installed a ring light in every room to ensure guests can look their best on Zoom meetings.
  • Populus, the first carbon-negative hotel in the US, is set to open soon in Denver, CO.
  • More rural towns are offering guest experiences that focus on community immersion and authentic local living.

Besides these continuing trends, in 2023, travelers are finding new travel inspiration in new places and channels. Read more about the rise of zero-worry travel here.

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