The Black American Consumer 2023

25 April 2023


This report from MAGNA focuses on how advertisers can empower Black audiences — the heaviest consumers of media in most categories — and address continuing problems with representation with key insights to consider, such as:

  • Include Black people in all creative – advertising and otherwise – as representation problems persist, because the link between presence and performance is tangible.
  • Across video, audio, social, and gaming, Black audiences are both heavy and influential users.
  • Black consumers will often go out of their way to support diverse-owned media outlets.
  • Work with Black-owned media companies and Black creators to ensure that your brand shows up authentically.
  • Use your brand voice in advertising and owned channels to support Black voices and creators online.
  • Support Black audiences as they tell their own story of resilience and change.
  • Advertisers who embrace inclusivity will likely be rewarded with loyal customers.

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