The Creator-Led Future of Retail

20 May 2022


With the ascension of social commerce and the collapse of the purchase funnel, creators are playing an increasingly important role in product discovery and consideration. As brick-and-mortar retailers continue to weather the harsh combination of continuing inflation, supply-chain disruptions, and labor shortage, savvy creators are increasingly leveraging the growing number of social commerce tools and marketplaces to monetize their content and drive purchase, forming the basis of community-driven commerce that will rewrite the rules of engagement and conversion.

And as social platforms increasingly start to seek alternative paths to monetization beyond advertising, many have settled on social commerce as a main area of interest: from TikTok to Snapchat to Instagram, social platforms are racing against each other to become the next digital mall — only in this mall, creators are the new brand ambassadors and salespeople.

Continue reading how the rise of community-driven commerce will have brands rethinking their retail strategy.

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