The New Case for Servant Leadership

01 February 2023



Stakeholder expectations have never been higher. The best way to get out in front of them? Lead from behind.

Successfully navigating roiling markets, broken supply chains, and chronic labor shortages to earn shareholders a profit isn’t enough. As a new wave of pulse data affirms, stakeholders today expect more from business leaders. Much more.

Customers demand that companies not only provide quality products and services, but also take a stand on societal issues—even help bridge societal divisions. Employees expect employers to commit to pay equity and a living wage for all, and to compensate them for rising inflation and help them achieve a healthy work-life balance. Americans expect industry leaders to conduct business in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner—while – protecting democracy and promoting prosperity and stability in the world.

In short: a mighty tall order. What kind of leader can possibly fulfill it? The servant kind.

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