United Minds Examines Employee Activism and Advocacy

01 July 2024


United Minds has unveiled the latest research in its series, Employees Rising: Advocacy, Activism, Agency. The report not only reflects on a decade of evolving employee engagement trends, but also provides actionable insights to help organizations thrive in the ever-changing landscape of workplace dynamics.

In 2014, United Minds uncovered a pivotal trend: employees worldwide were using social media to advocate for their organizations unprompted. By 2017, this advocacy had transformed into activism, fueled by a growing gap between external branding and internal reality. Fast forward to 2021, where employees are seeking purpose and impact in the workplace more than ever before.

The surprising results will likely leave every leader asking how they can continue to upend and recalibrate employee engagement efforts so that they earn value and drive maximum impact on satisfaction, retention, productivity and advocacy.

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