Where AI and Marketing Collide

09 November 2023


In its annual trends research, Acxiom tapped into the knowledge, ambitions, and concerns of brand marketers and their customers when it comes to AI and customer experience. Pinpointing five key trends expected to develop in 2024, Acxiom surveyed 200 businesses and 2,000 consumers across the U.S. and UK to capture their unique perspectives.

The result –”Where AI and Marketing Collide: 2024 CX Predictions”– is an in-depth report that examines each trend from both a consumer and brand perspective, and what brands can do to capitalize on them. It’s a fascinating exploration of the “art of the possible” for how brands can use AI to supercharge customer engagement capabilities that deliver exceptional CX.

The five trends include:

• Shoppable ads
• Proactive customer service
• Healthy acquisition and retention
• Predictive personalization
• Sustainable CX

Read more about Acxiom’s predictions on how these CX trends will develop in 2024.

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