Building Clarity and Strategy Around AI

11 December 2023

As ChatGPT turns one, many are asking: How does AI apply to marketing communications? How do we get our bearings amid the constant stream of information updates on AI?

Chris Perry, Chair, Weber Shandwick Futures and author of Perspective Agents, joins CI Conversations host Jennifer Sain to discuss The Weber Shandwick Collective’s AI Accelerator and finding clarity in the overwhelming noise surrounding AI.

Judgement is critical when using AI tools and must be refined as we continue learn to handle things like AI hallucinations, human bias and how to set up transparency. Managers must equip their teams with the necessary tools for this refined, discerning judgment. Setting the agenda for how teams should and should not be using AI is critical. Using and experimenting with AI tools to gain understanding is imperative, and anyone who hasn’t yet is probably late to the party.

For the future, and for 2024 in particular, Perry theorizes that the dynamics of influence will change. Perry says if any individual, brand or company can create an AI agent, who we go to as a source for things we care about will change. And where today the conversation is around generative AI, we will see yet more transcendent change once AI agents begin interacting with each other.


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