Maximizing Strategic, Ethical Data to Win Consumers

17 January 2024

Identity is how marketers understand their customers. But sifting through data can leave brands with surprisingly vague impressions of consumers.

Tina Allan, Global Chief Data & Intelligence Officer at FCB; Brady Gadberry, SVP, Products, Data & Identity at Acxiom; and Kyle Hollaway, SVP, Head of Global Identity Products at Acxiom, join CI Conversations host Jen Sain to discuss how using consumer data ethically and strategically can help brands create marketing messaging that cultivates loyal consumers. They also dive into:

  • How marketers can develop a deeper understanding and an authentic, 360-degree view of consumers by using high quality data and leveraging products like Acxiom’s Real ID.
  • How focusing on FCB’s three Ps – precision, personalization, predictive – can drive relevant, desired communication with consumers.
  • How data on when consumers buy, what cultural moments are affecting their purchases and what channels they’re activating through can help creative agencies to grow and retain audiences.

For 2024, marketers will likely see consumers willingly providing their information in exchange for respectful, informed communication from brands. They may also witness a deprecation of the heightened focus on first-party data, which will create a need for marketers to discern growth audiences vs. high valued audiences and understand how each is distinctly important. Finally, marketers will soon face decisions over the marketing automation, sales automation and analytics platforms they can choose to handle their data needs.

Transcript: Maximizing Strategic, Ethical Data to Win Consumers

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