Retail Media and Cookieless Solutions

15 May 2023


This Spring 2023 Programmatic Intelligence report by Luke Stillman covers critical topics in today’s digital advertising ecosystem: Retail Media Networks; Commerce Beyond Retail Media; and Cookieless Targeting and Measurement solutions. Retail Media has exploded in importance due to multiple tailwinds, including the acceleration in ecommerce, the deterioration in targeting data, and brand obsession with precise attribution. This report explores the retail media landscape, spending, growth, and the future of retail media network advertising.

Additionally, commerce spending in advertising is a huge opportunity, and to date it has been primarily leveraged by search networks, social media platforms, and retailers. Publishers specializing in other digital formats are also working to leverage that commerce spending opportunity. The report details a few new video formats that help connect impressions directly to sales.

Finally, cookies and other third-party data will be fading from the advertising ecosystem over the next few years. This report analyzes various cookieless targeting and measurement solutions, which are likely to be applicable in various situations, and the future of first-party measurement.

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