The ‘10 Huge Moves of 2024’

01 October 2023


Huge Moves™ is a digital news platform and premium print magazine published by creative consultancy, Huge. It is designed to inspire, inform, and prepare today’s leading business minds for what’s next. In this issue, Huge reveals the annual ’10 Huge Moves for 2024,’ a collection of original long-form magazine articles featuring high-profile interviews, original photography, and custom data analysis – defining the most important developments in the business world before they become the new norm.

Each feature narrative explores the theme of Alignment, highlighting the ability of individuals, companies, and governments to foster cooperation across various sectors, international borders, and diverse stakeholders. On page after page, the power and potential of collaboration shines through, demonstrating that no ‘Huge Move’ can be made in isolation.

The ‘10 Huge Moves for 2024’ explores:

• The future of AI governance
• Revolutionizing consumer healthcare
• The biggest sustainability moves in hospitality
• Apple’s ever-expanding digital wallet
• Reducing our digital carbon footprint
• The power of dynamics of global semiconductor production
• A comprehensive look at the future of social media
• The new guard of start-ups dramatically expanding plant-based foods
• How AI agents will change how we shop
• Novel ways to capture explosive creative growth

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