The Future of Personalization in B2C Marketing

05 October 2022


The use of data has been a critical way for B2C organizations to gain richer insights into their customers’ preferences and intents, which can then be used to tailor experiences. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated data-driven marketing efforts to advance digital presence in response to restrictions on in-person contact. Although progress has been made by many organizations, challenges remain around defining and collecting the right data, as well as choosing the marketing technology that is needed to deliver excellent digital customer experiences.

In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the number and variety of marketing technology tools available, with showing more than 9,000 of these tools and growing annually. While this presents an opportunity for B2C marketers to strengthen digital CX strategies, deciding on the right marketing technology for an organization’s needs is not always straightforward. As the range of digital tools available to marketers continues to expand, understanding and identifying the right technology solution has become a more complex task.

B2C brands have been reliant on third-party cookies for years to track web activity, tailor adverts, and improve user experience. The discontinuation of support for cookies is driving innovation in marketing technology as brands look to first-party data strategies to help them inform their future digital marketing efforts.

Acxiom and its market research partner, B2B International, have explored the challenges faced by B2C marketers across the globe. This report is based on a study comprising 400 online survey responses from senior marketing decision makers working in $250m+ B2C businesses in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United States. All respondents were actively involved in the selection of marketing technology for their business.

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