Deutsch LA’s Reonna Johnson Debuts a Candid Podcast on the Black Experience in Advertising

25 Mar 2022


In their new podcast “Hex Code Black,” Deutsch LA and its VP and Director of Growth & Strategy, Reonna Johnson, candidly explore the intersection of race, culture, and creativity through raw conversations that speak to the experience of being a Black professional in the advertising industry.

Featuring Black creatives as they discuss workplace issues as well as the informed perspectives of top scholars, professors, and industry outsiders, “Hex Code Black” aims to validate the unique experiences held by Black individuals in predominantly white creative settings.

Johnson’s podcast, which works to publicly recreate the “watercooler conversations” shared between Black professionals, further provides a platform to reach a larger, non-Black audience with the ultimate goal of facilitating empathy and understanding.

“I hope they will hear some eye-opening things that can further their understanding and empathy for a group of people marginalized in this industry for far too long,” shared Deutsch LA’s Chief Creative Officer Karen Costello. “Understanding leads to acceptance. Acceptance leads to action. Action leads to true representation and sustaining equity. That’s a better industry for everyone.”

“[I hope] for all people to heal from unspoken narratives we’ve subconsciously been operating from, for all people to challenge their thinking and see themselves and others differently,” Johnson added. “The topics may only seem to be for Black professionals. But if you dig deeper, they’re for everyone.”

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