IPG Releases 2022 Workforce Data

21 Dec 2023


IPG released its 2022 U.S. EEO1 (Equal Employment Opportunity) data as part of the company’s continued commitment to transparency around diversity, equity and inclusion. IPG was the first advertising holding company to release the race and gender composition of our leadership, which we began doing in 2020. Using standards set by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), we annually disclose the gender and race composition of our U.S. employees including the categories of senior/executive-level managers, first/mid-level managers and professionals. IPG is committed to continuous transparency in this area.

IPG’s executive statistics show that we have strong gender representation across all ranks of our company. In 2022, IPG exceeded the U.S. National External Workforce Benchmark for women in the categories of senior/executive level managers, first/mid-level managers and professionals. Our U.S. EEO-1 data showed that 51% of our senior-most leaders across IPG are women. In the U.S., we saw increases in management representation across all minority groups in 2022, for a total increase of 2.2%.

View last year’s data here.

In alignment with ISO 30414 (International Organization for Standardization) guidelines for human capital reporting, we have shifted our year-over-year change calculations for gender, race & ethnicity from a calculated rate of change based on representation to a simplified YOY percent change.