IPG and charity: water Discuss the Global Water Crisis

10 Nov 2021


IPG invited Cara Brobst, Brand Partnerships Senior Associate at charity: water, to speak with the company about the transformative role that water plays in communities around the world and the impact of IPG’s ongoing support. charity: water is a not-for-profit organization that aims to solve the global water crisis and reinvent the notion of “charity.” Through donations, the group works with local partners to implement community water projects such as piped systems or drilled wells.

IPG began its formal partnership with charity: water in 2016 as part of our commitment to UN Sustainability Development Goal #6, access to clean water and sanitation. There are numerous benefits of clean water in addition to better health, which Brobst spoke about in her presentation. One such benefit is women’s empowerment. In many areas around the world, women are responsible for obtaining water for their families and communities, often carrying 40-80 pounds of water for several miles. Aside from the physical strain, the time spent carrying water takes away from other important activities like education and paid work.

Brobst responded to employee questions and conveyed a sense of hope that we can solve the global water crisis by working together. She also shared that IPG has committed to funding a water project in Ethiopia in honor of Giving Tuesday this year. The project follows an IPG-supported water project in Ethiopia, which was completed in June 2021, as well as an IPG-supported water project in Cambodia kicked off in September 2021.