IPG Contributions Help Mali Gain Access to Clean and Safe Water

28 Dec 2020


IPG’s contributions to charity: water helped fund a piped system tap stand for a community in Mali, implemented by local partner World Vision, Inc.

A piped system uses energy to distribute water through a network of pipes. Typically sourced from a spring or protected well, water is piped to a storage tank either by gravity or with a mechanized pump. From the storage tank, the water flows through the piped system to tap stands below.

charity: water relies on the expertise of local partners like World Vision, Inc., to choose the best solution for each unique situation. In this case, World Vision’s thorough understanding of how to implement effective, sustainable water projects in their area led them to choose a piped system tap stand.

Along with implementing water projects, local partners also facilitate sanitation and hygiene initiatives to help promote everyone’s long-term health in the community. These initiatives are often championed by community members themselves, who work hard to create positive change.

Clean water means education, income, and health — especially for women and girls. It truly changes everything. IPG’s contributions funded clean water and transformed futures for 673 people in Mali.