IPG Featured in Business Roundtable Report

16 Sep 2018


IPG is featured in a new Business Roundtable report that highlights the commitment of America’s CEOs to incorporate sustainability into their business practices. “Create, Grow, Sustain: Leading by Example,” details the sustainability efforts of companies through a series of testimonials from top CEOs, and provides insight into how many businesses, including IPG, are working to ensure effective environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices.

“As part of IPG’s long-term growth strategy, our agencies and clients are developing campaigns that create new markets for sustainable products,” commented Michael Roth, Chairman and CEO of IPG. “This fundamental change in marketing shifts demand towards more environmentally responsible products, and can result in consumer behavior change that positively impacts the environment.”

The annual Business Roundtable sustainability report, now in its eighth year, showcases how companies across the spectrum work to address environmental and energy challenges – while driving increased economic growth and job creation.