IPG Hosts Annual Innovation Conversation at CES

12 Jan 2023


IPG hosted its annual Innovation Conversation event at CES 2023. “Ecosystem of Responsibility” explored the roles that individuals, agencies, clients, creators and platforms play in responsible media, technology and innovation. Dani Benowitz, U.S. President at MAGNA, introduced the event before turning the stage over to panelists Arielle Garcia, Chief Privacy Officer at UM, Sara Tehrani, VP of Global Digital Partnerships and Media Responsibility at MAGNA and Shannon Womack, Director of Lifecycle Marketing at Delta Airlines. The conversation was moderated by Jessica Heygate who is the Associate Editor and Technology Editor at Campaign US.

In an enlightening discussion, the panelists touched on the unpredictable nature of the media landscape and how to unlock new opportunities by putting people at the center of creativity and innovation.

View the replay here.