IPG Mediabrands Hosts Sustainability Research Showcase

10 Oct 2023

IPG Mediabrands hosted its first Sustainability Research Showcase for clients in a follow-up to its Sustainability Forum in April, where Dr. Jonathan Foley, Executive Director of Project Drawdown, spoke to the audience about the urgency of addressing climate change. He discussed how the climate crisis, in part, is a communication crisis.

Mediabrands set out to address this communications challenge by developing “The Most Important Brief of our Lives,” a body of research that breaks down data insights to better understand what motivates people to take climate action. The research is a global quantitative and qualitative study on how brands can benefit from effectively engaging in climate action with their consumers.

The study’s key findings include:

  • 82% of people experience barriers to living more sustainably, with most citing expense or lack of access to the right resources as the paramount barriers to a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Among generations, Gen Z and Millennials were the most likely to experience barriers (91% vs. 75%, respectively). However, prior research has pointed to the cost efficiency of sustainable behaviors, suggesting a disconnect between perception vs. reality for consumers.
  • Despite these barriers, people remain motivated to ensure a better future, with 99% of people agreeing that they can be motivated by something to take sustainable action.
  • Respondents also selected reasons to be sustainable and 78% agreed with statements that ranged from “ensuring the well-being of humankind” to “protecting one’s own health” and “saving money.”

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