IPG Signs On As A Founding Member Of AdGreen

06 May 2021


IPG is a founding member of AdGreen, which helps advertisers mitigate the environmental impact of production. Launched by the Advertising Association, the initiative unites the advertising industry toward a zero waste and zero carbon future through training sessions as well as renewable energy and carbon offsetting plans. AdGreen is specifically calling on agencies and production companies to discuss the emissions associated with scripts, to share carbon footprint data, and to adjust behaviors in travel, energy, and waste.

The hallmark of the initiative, a carbon calculator and certification process, will come later in 2021. These tools will provide data-driven insights for agency producers, and the industry at large, to set goals and assess progress. AdGreen will ask agencies to opt-in to a small levy on relevant parts of production spend in order to fund the initiative which, for now, is only available for productions managed through the UK.

For more information on IPG’s sustainability programs, please visit our sustainability and purpose page and read our GRI Report. To learn more about AdGreen, read more.