IPGLBT Celebrates Pride Month

24 Jun 2020


IPGLBT, IPG’s business resource group for LGBTQIA+ employees has launched several initiatives for Pride 2020. These include:

Pride Packets 2020: IPGLBT New York created images for employees to use to share important Pride-related information on social media as well as backgrounds they can use for Microsoft Teams meetings. The group also created packets for agencies such as email templates, personal pronoun templates for email signatures, and list of resources.

“What Would You Do? Tips and Tools for Allies in Tough Situations”: IPGLBT National partnered with PFLAG’s Straight for Equality for an encore of their successful “What Would You Do?” webinar. The webinar talked about the Ally Spectrum and the need to move from just an “ally in name” to an “active” ally.

“Be an Ally at Home”: IPGLBT New York hosted a virtual town hall with a panel that included internal and external speakers presenting stories, statistical information and tips from work with at-risk LGBTQ+ and trans youth.

IPGLBT Detroit is hosting an internal Pride trivia night for their members to get together after a very different Pride month. The program will allow them to connect with employees across IPG agencies, learn some important LGBTQ+ history, and have fun too.