Tech Moves Beyond Hype to Purpose at CES 2024

25 January 2024

Tina Allan, Global Chief Data & Intelligence Officer at FCB, and Adam Simon, SVP, Managing Director, IPG Media Lab, join CI Conversations host Jen Sain to discuss not only the latest tech and innovations hitting the market, but also the digital trends that will drive advertising and marketing into the future.

Innovations such as refined smart homes and other in-home tech will offer major opportunities in the spaces of loyalty and commerce, as will predictive technology in general. Brand collaborations and category crossovers will play a big role in this, as brands integrate themselves into and improve people’s everyday lives.

Data and identity, along with AI of course, will be integral parts in this daily integration as it will allow brands and companies to understand consumers needs, and provide targeted value and solutions, in addition to opening doors to greater creativity from marketing and advertising partners.

Transcript: Tech Moves Beyond Hype to Purpose at CES 2024

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