Method to the Meme Madness

24 August 2023


2023 has been a chaotic year for culture, but a great year for cultural marketing. At the same time, the churn of viral trends is moving faster than ever.

Marketers know the importance of being culturally relevant, and that nowadays, being culturally relevant on a day-to-day basis means that they cannot fully ignore digital trends.

For brands looking to engage with culture pops, the first step in doing so is identifying their niche and tone; from there, it becomes much easier to sift through the thousands of microtrends that arise on social media each day and determine which ones a brand should engage with. Not only will brands be able to activate more quickly, but they’ll have more fruitful conversations with their audience.

The best method for marketers to deal with the chaos of today’s pop culture is to lean into their audiences and empower them to take actions that bring people together, especially offline. That means knowing audiences, understanding what memes they are sharing, responding quickly and in a consistent tone aligned with brand image, and sticking to brand values.

Read Method to the Meme Madness here.

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