OpenAI Announcements for Brand Marketers

08 November 2023


The development of generative AI continues apace, with ChatGPT currently at 100 million weekly active users. IPG Media Lab recaps OpenAI’s Developer Conference, which uncovered significant updates and three must-know announcements from OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, including:

  • The launch of custom bots, called GPTs, which brands can tailor to their specific brand voice and identity.
  • A GPT Builder tool, which developers can use to create and sell custom chatbots, à la Apple’s app store.
  • The rollout of Assistants API, which lets developers add “assistants” to their apps. Brands can use this tool to enhance app design, making it more conversational and intuitive for users.

While it is best for brand marketers to explore this uncharted territory in customer engagement and innovation with caution, by using custom chatbots, brands may foster deeper connections with customers and carve out a distinctive presence through AI-driven consumer interactions.

Read more details about these announcements here.

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