The AI-Fueled Evolution of Search

27 October 2023


Every media sector has been impacted, to varying degrees, by the commercialization and rapid adoption of new AI models — and search, one of the most stable and reliable media channels, is no exception. 

Google has dominated the global search market for the past two decades, generating billions of dollars in ad revenue with search remaining an essential component of the digital marketing landscape for years. In recent times, new forms of search — namely visual and voice search — have emerged, and still Google has been able to successfully integrate these formats into its core service, further solidifying its market-leading position.

In 2023, however, Google search faced its biggest challenge to date. After OpenAI’s ChatGPT broke into mainstream consciousness at the end of 2022, Microsoft moved fast to integrate the large language model powering ChatGPT into its Bing search engine. This move kicked off an arms race between Google and Microsoft to remake the search experience with the help of generative AI, thus destabilizing the competitive landscape. 

Read the three key trends IPG Media Lab is tracking in this ongoing, AI-fueled evolution of search, and what it means for brand marketers. 

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