Generative AI and Advertising

23 October 2023


“This isn’t the end of the beginning. It’s not the beginning of the end. We’re really, really early in our journey on AI,” says James Fox, Global Chief Strategy Officer at UM Worldwide.

In this episode of IPG Media Lab’s Floor 9 podcast, Fox, along with Andrew Littlewood, Global Chief Product Officer at UM Worldwide, join host Adam Simon, Managing Director of the IPG Media Lab, to discuss the rise of generative AI.

The past few years have seen a huge leap forward in terms of accessibility to generative AI products, and while the future remains uncertain, generative AI, by definition, can see what no human expert could.

Will it upend advertising? Are we, as Gartner’s “hype cycle” puts it, nearing the peak of inflated expectations and on the precipice of the disillusionment phase? Fox, Littlewood, and Simon discuss this and more.

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